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The Ramp and Airbag
The Trampoline
The Obstacle Course 

Come check out our new inrun installed for the 2024 season! This innovative new surface allows athletes to hit the bag switch, and carve into jumps!




Evolution Freestyle provides a safe venue for athletes to learn to inverted freestyle ski tricks. Our non-profit facility follows the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA) aerial regulations and qualifications manual ARQ) for sanctioning. Evolution Freestyle is an innovative facility that allows athletes to train year round to master skills in a safe environment, to gain in flexibility, and strength to prevent injury.

Athletes ski down the ramp, launch off the jump and land on the airbag.  Athletes must qualify inversion tricks first on the trampoline, then perfect on the airbag before qualifying jumps.  Once qualified by the coach athletes are permitted to take the trick to snow. 

Athletes develop skills on the two trampolines.  They develop body awareness in the air and must perform tricks safely and accurately before taking the tricks to the ramp and airbag. 

The obstacle course is set up in the yard to develop athlete endurance, strength and agility.

There is also a large open area for other activities. 

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